Even More About Me

So I know that in my blog posts I talk about who I am, and why I blog about the coffee shops I go to. But, here is a quick overview of me. I am a Texas State Student, who pays her way, works and goes to school full time, and finally is absolutely in love with coffee. Coffee is my comfort food, the thing I enjoy learning about and finally, the coffee shops I visit are great escapes from the stresses of my life. I mean, I know I can do other things to get away, like hiking which I do quite often, but coffee is warm, and most of all the shops allow me a place to do my homework, because as much as I would love to not have to worry about homework ever. A schedule as busy as mine requires me to sacrifice even my escape time to make sure I stay on top of everything.

Some other things I like to do: well I run an Instagram, like most college students my age. I also greatly enjoy photography, as all of the pictures in this blog, unless otherwise noted, are my work. I also really love hanging out with my friends, and taking them to the coffee shops I like to go to, to study. I know that I can study anywhere but really, the atmosphere of these shops is just so soothing for me. Also, San Marcos just feels a little to small sometimes; even though the longer I live here I do not want to live in a big city, because visiting Houston has just gotten so troublesome recently – too crowded. I had no idea that I was going to love small city life as much as I have ended up: as long as there is a big city reasonably close by.

This is my first blog, and honestly I am enjoying the opportunity to get my experiences and recommendations out there much more than I thought I would initially. Also, I greatly appreciate the coffee community in general – I had no idea it was so big. More one me though, I cannot wait to start working in my chosen career once I have my degree. Even once I get a real job that requires my degree, I will probably be sitting in a coffee shop doing my work. At this point in my life, I cannot see a time where I would not automatically go to one, to get stuff done, but most importantly to relax.