Looking Back (and the stats)

Creating a blog, and learning how to use WordPress over these last few weeks has been a great experience. I think that it is a super useful tool to get your thoughts and ideas out there. Unfortunately I do not think that twitter was very useful because I do not have a big following. I do not think it would be until I had a following either. I wish there was a way to put interactive menus on the site so if people wanted to decide where to go they could see their options.

I do see how knowing to use WordPress and photoshop basics will be useful in future as I strive to be a Public Relations professional. Although, I already have a pretty good grasp on computer basics, it never hurts to touch up on skills. Also, the building a website and knowing basic HTML is a good skill. I think I may end up using these skills depending on what part of PR I end up going in to. Or, who knows, I may start my own business.\

My most popular week would be the launch week of my blog. My most viewed post would be the launch post too. I think this is because WordPress pushed my blog the most when it was brand-new. Six was the most views my post got. This is not very surprising to me considering that my blog is just about coffee and that is not a very popular thing that people like to hear about, they are more likely to just google a place and go to it.

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