Local Coffee

Let’s talk about Local Coffee, located in beautiful San Antonio. They honestly have made some of the prettiest, instagram worthy lattes for me. Just look at the picture for this post: isn’t that cup of joe a work of art? Enough of that though, my main concern about coffee shops is how their product tastes, and is the place practical to study at. And let me say this, Local Coffee – no matter the location – delivers.

This really is a great place to study if you just need to stop in somewhere for a bit. Much like Bennu’s South Congress location, the floor plan is very open; and if not cozy, definitely inviting enough to enjoy a coffee while doing work. Also, their plain lattes have such a nice flavor. While packing a punch, the undertones of these beans are slightly sweet. Which is great because as someone who is lactose intolerant: well coconut milk is my go to, but it is not sweeter than regular milk, contrary to common belief.

So yes, the coffee is great and the atmosphere is equally is good, but there are some downsides. The locations are smaller in size, and do not have the most comfortable seating. Also, their hours are limited so if it’s later in the day, going may not be worth it depending on the amount of work needing to be accomplished. Regardless, when I am in San Antonio this is one of my favorite spots to get some coffee. Also, their selection of food, while not stand out, can satisfy almost any craving.

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