Bennu Coffee (MLK)

The next stop on my adventure to find great coffee and places to study brought me to Bennu Coffee’s second location: off of MLK in Austin. Now, opposed to its much more day time themed brother off of South Congress. This location is in my top two places to study for a long time at night. As someone who is usually busy all day, this location has turned out to be invaluable. Even more so then some close locations, because this one is open 24/7.

They offer the same exact menu as the SoCo location… but the coffee just seems to be better here. Maybe the cozy atmosphere or a different rotation of baristas is the answer. Or maybe my own personal bias towards this location makes me like the coffee more, but I digress because Bennu makes some great coffee period. Now, as mentioned in my pervious post the speciality mochas are the main attraction of Bennu. I mean, yes their house roast is phenomenal, but their mochas hold my whole heart.

Another plus of this places, is that there are outlets absolutely everywhere. Inside, outside, it doesn’t matter they have a place for you to plug in your technology. Also, they have so much seating that while they do fill up, unless you show up on their busiest days, you can usually snag a table. Also, they keep their food options pretty well stocked here, so if a taco, pizza, or sandwich mood hits you, you’re covered. Well, I think y’all can tell I absolutely love this place, and out of all the coffee shops I’ve talked about so far, go to this one, you will not be disappointed.

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