Bennu Coffee (South Congress)

The next stop in my journey to find great coffee shops has taken me all the way to Austin, Tx. The Bennu Coffee on SoCo – there’s a different location off MLK, but I will get there in a later post – is one of my absolute favorite places to stop by for mochas whenever I’m in Austin. Which is quite a bit if I am perfectly honest. The Raven and Oliver Twist are my two go to mochas whenever I stop by. Also, this locations ambiance is very day-coffee-shop-to-get-work-done feeling, instead of a place you would want to visit at night.

They also have a fantastic selection of food that ranges from sandwiches to pizza to tacos, and  more. Also, they have these cinnamon rolls that are absolutely to die for. They are a bit more on the bready side which suits me just fine as I love dipping them in black coffee. They even do their best to have vegan options, and they have all the most popular milk substitutes. This is important to me as I am lactose intolerant.

There are a couple of negatives though. There is a lack of outlets, so if you come low on battery you’re out of luck. Also, while their outdoor seating is super pretty, if the weather is bad you can’t sit there, and a significant portion of their seating is outdoor. Also, they tend to run out of food items fairly quickly, so if you come between the afternoon and evening shifts selection is limited. Regardless, I do love coming here, especially because it is conveniently located close to downtown Austin, and SoCo. Also, I’ve yet to have a bad cup of coffee from them.


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