Rosella Coffee

The Second Coffee shop I think my blog should cover is all the way down in San Antonio. Rosella Coffee is a very cute, two story coffee shop, that sells a great variety of coffee and food. They even sell wine… so if you’re reading this and over 21 have at it. My favorite thing to get there is a basic latte and some avocado toast (as evidenced by the picture I’m using to represent this post). They even have this toast with apples on it that is to die for!

Okay, so as much as I love this place there are some cons. First of all, the hours – they are open from 7a – 9p most of the time (weekend hours vary) – which don’t seem super unreasonable at first, if you’re a busy college student who needs to do his/her studying later in the day this may not be the place for you. Also, while there is a good amount of seating, Rosella fills up quickly and you are not guaranteed an outlet if you do not make your move early. Another issue is the fact that the location is all the way in San Antonio, which isn’t a big deal if you are already there, but it is super out of the way if you are coming from San Marcos just to go there. Lastly, service varies greatly based on the staff who is working… I have had really good avocado toast, but some visits it has just been subpar.

Still, I really love the atmosphere of the place, and the wood flooring on the second floor is super soothing whenever I have to study. And when the coffee and food is good, its good. Also, Rosella is not located in the heart of San Antonio, it’s more Northside, so dealing with traffic to get there is not too bad for someone who is from Houston. All in all, I definitely would recommend checking this place out if you are in San Antonio. I would even say check it out if you are in the mood for a drive and want to get out of the small world of San Marcos.

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