Jo’s Cafe

So, I’ve decided to start my journey a little closer to home: at a place called Jo’s Cafe, which is located in San Marcos. This little coffee shop offers a great selection of breakfast foods, and sandwiches. They even stock gluten free deserts for those who need them. Also, Jo’s is within walking distance of campus. Which, is a huge plus for the busy college student who may not want to wait on campus between classes!

One of my personal favorite drinks to get there is the Iced Toddy. A subtle blend of espresso and cold brewed coffee, this drink is a great pick-me-up whenever I need that extra boost of caffeine. Although, the location is small, the indoor seating is adequate, and most seats are by outlets. A must for students who have to do the majority of their classwork on a laptop. In addition, they have great outdoor seating – the only downside is a lack of outlets available.

Although I do love to come here whenever I am in the mood to eat food, that isn’t pastries, and study. A big drawback of Jo’s for me is the hours. During the school year they are open from 7am, to 7-10pm. This is extremely frustrating because I work, and the fact that the hours are not consistent makes me not want to choose this place to study later in the day. To me, and probably most fellow college student, settling in to study for a couple of hours, only to be cut short because Jo’s decides to closer earlier that day makes the location not worth it.

Final verdict; pretty decent food, great, if kind of expensive coffee – but the hours make this a day study spot and not a place I would visit to study late at night.

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